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Yangon Summer Camp 2016

The eyes do not lie.

Where there was confusion, there is now certainty. Where there was despair, there is now hope. Where there was deep sadness, there is now pure joy. Where there was fear, all we see in their eyes now is fierce determination.

This year is the 4th year that a summer camp was held for all children from all the My Place homes in Yangon. Aside from recreational and Christian activities, our main teaching focus was on human development and self care.

It was an awesome time of get-together for the whole My Place family in Yangon and the kids once again embraced one another like long absent siblings. As for the My Place volunteers and the houseparents, we couldn’t help but marvel at how far “our” kids have come, share pride in the ones who have gained independence and are no longer with us, and look with great expectation towards the future with the little ones who have started a new life with us this year.

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