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After decades of isolation, internal conflicts and economic stagnation, Myanmar today is a country going through tremendous changes at a dizzying pace, most of which regarded as positive with guarded optimism by her people. Yet, the challenges that Myanmar faces remain many and it will take considerable time for these to be tackled. In the meantime, many children in the country continue to find themselves becoming destitute by losing family members to preventable diseases or by displacement due to regional conflicts. Some find it impossible to gain access to education or health services. Due to extreme poverty, many also become vulnerable to human trafficking and slavery.


This is the environment that ‘My Place’ has stepped into to promote development of the future Myanmar by bringing transformation to the lives of some of her children now. We identify and partner with local Christian families in and around Yangon who have great compassion for the most destitute and disadvantaged children, and provide these families with material, consultation and other support for them to be able to welcome such children into their homes, to provide holistic care and, in doing so, to give them a different future.


On top of these children's homes, we also sponsor a number of children from a slum community for them to be able to attend school.


Currently, we are running and supporting 6 homes in the wider Yangon, with 67 children under our care.


Read more about our homes in Yangon here.

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