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MY PLACE aims at enhancing the care and development of economically or socially disadvantaged children. We initiate, promote, fund and manage charitable projects to help provide physical care, health improvement, access to education and spiritual nurture to these children. 

  • Quality care and development opportunities for children occur best in the context of:

    • Whole-person nurturing encompassing physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth;

    • A stable and safe home-like family living environment;

    • Encouragement of the development of potential, responsibility, self-esteem and self-care;

    • Individual needs being recognized and attended to.

  • The small group home model is upheld as the preferred mode of residential child care service.

  • Children living in countries or locations with least access to help should be given priority for support.

  • In order to maximize funds spent directly on meeting children’s needs, administrative costs are kept to a minimum and voluntary services are solicited whenever possible.

  • Regular and frequent on-site visits are made by My Place managers to enable close monitoring of project activities and progress. 

  • Opportunities for supervised visits are available to sponsors and volunteers to allow for personal touch and connections with sponsored children.

  • A high degree of financial accountability and transparency will be maintained for all operations.

Audited Financial Statements
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