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We welcome people joining us in our ongoing effort to bring transformation and hope to these children. If you can make a long term commitment to support this work with HKD 650 (or its equivalence in other currencies) or more a month, you have the option of becoming a ‘sponsor’ to a particular home you may like to nominate. A sponsor will get more detailed news and updates of the children in the home they sponsor as well as being able to…or have their children to…correspond occasionally with a child or some children in that home on a voluntary basis.



















My Place depends on voluntary support to keep costs down. We need and welcome volunteers who could help with our operations in Hong Kong, where our headquarters is located, as well as in Australia and the UK. From time to time volunteers with specific skills are also needed to help in projects promoting the welfare and development of children under our care. Send us a message to register your interest and availability. We would love to hear from you.





We are fully committed to shining light into the darkness in these children's lives.  With your help and support, we can give hope and opportunities where there is sadness and despair.  Please donate to us and you too can make a difference and give a future back to these children.  Any donation or proposal of sponsorship of homes are most welcome.

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