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"Let my children go!!" - the birth of Sinai House

Over the years, many compelling and moving reports have been written about the plight of the children who work and live in the garbage dump of Mae Sot. However, little has been done to bring real changes to the lives of these children who continued to live in a disease infested environment with no running water, power, sanitation, access to proper education or medical services, but an overbearing stench and constant threat from predators.

…until May, 2013.

In 2 short weeks, a combination of the dedication and generosity of a bunch of individuals with great compassion for these kids, and circumstances many involved attributed to divine interventions culminated in an outcome about which it has been said many NGO’s had attempted but failed to achieve. ‘My Place’, in partnership with Mae Sot Evangelical Church, was able to receive more than 20 of these children into a safe and nurturing environment, from which they are able to access mainstream education. This boarding house is called ‘Sinai House’ as, like with the Israelites of old, it signifies the turning point from oppression and hopelessness to a new life of hope and promise.

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