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Sinai House 2.0

After an initial settling in period, the 20 kids from the Mae Sot garbage dump who were our first intake in 2013 into our boarding house, Sinai House, had done everyone proud by having a real go not only at their study, which in most cases, was interrupted previously, but also at a new more disciplined way of life all together.

So, after this initial success, in May 2014, we decided to welcome more children in for the new school year and our local partners went on a hunt for new premises. What they found was a sprawling house with big bedrooms, a big hall for worship and study, and a massive front yard that older kids can play soccer and the younger kids can just run wild in. There is also an apartment next to it where the teenage boys can sleep away from the girls and the younger kids. On May 20, 2014, our original 20 kids, together with 15 new kids from the garbage dump, left the original boarding house and moved into Sinai House 2.0.

It was a gratifying sight to see some of last year's trouble makers taking the lead in literally doing the heavy lifting and showing the 15 new kids the ropes during the move as they welcomed them into this journey towards a new life together.

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