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Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a very special time for many children all over the world and it was no different for the My Place kids in Mae Sot and Yangon.

In 2013, a combined Christmas party was held in Mae Sot for the ‘Sparrows and Lilies’ and ‘Sinai House’ children as well as the neighborhood kids. Aside from the prerequisite games and gifts, a Christmas message was given and a movie shown.

In Yangon, a combined Christmas party for 60 children from 5 homes and their house parents took place in a park in Yangon. The children took turns to present musical items and an impromptu nativity re-enactment brought laughter to all.

As children who experience transiency often find it hard to gain a sense of self identity, aside from an age and gender appropriate gift, we also gave each child a little photo album with photos of him or herself taken by us over the last couple of years. Hopefully these albums will become their future personal treasure chests of childhood memories as snapshots of significant moments continue to be added to them.

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