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Thaketa Community

My Place was introduced to the Thaketa community in December 2013. This is a community of about 200 families who have built their make shift homes out of thatch, cardboard, bamboos, plastic tarps and sometimes car tyres, on muddy ground with no power, water or sanitation. They collect rain water during the wet season which is then used for the rest of the year. Only one third of the children could afford to go to school. The rest spend their days begging and/or gambling over their meager proceeds.

After being deeply impressed by the children’s enthusiastic response to some basic exercise books given to them, which showed a great yearning for learning and education, My Place was able to pilot a scholarship program in June this year to provide school uniforms, school bags, stationary, etc for some of these children to be able to attend school. Words cannot describe the look of joy…and immense pride on these children’s faces as they were able to join others for the first time on their way towards the local school.

We were also able to provide fund for a well to be dug which quickly became well used by all the families. However, the needs of the children in this community remain varied and immense and My Place will continue to explore and apply the most effective ways to bring light and transformation into their lives.

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